solves a range of optimization problems

EVSOLVE is designed for scientists, engineers, programmers and students. It is used to find the global minimum, maximum or roots of real-valued functions of one or more variables. Variables may be real or complex and may be constrained. Functions need not be differentiable or even continuous, but the number of discontinuities in value or slope must be finite. Between these discontinuities it must be smooth; otherwise, an undirected, exhaustive search would be required - impossible in all but trivial cases.

EVSOLVE finds correct answers for some functions that programs such as Mathematica and Matlab cannot solve. Among other things it can:

  • handle linear or non-linear functions with or without constrained variables.
  • solve electrical, mechanical and optical design problems.
  • find optimal shapes under given constraints (airfoils, boat hulls, etc.).

Applications are limited only by your imagination!

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EVSOLVE includes an ANSI C compiler, a user guide, and a 60-day money back guarantee.